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Roland Pletts - Artist, Author, Explorer, Missionary and Teacher


Experience the warmth and wilds of Africa through Roland’s paintings


Be inspired and transformed by Roland’s teachings


Increase your understanding and expand your knowledge through Roland’s books

Get to Know Roland Pletts

Roland is an inspirational and experienced creative who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of God and shepherding His flock whilst living in Zimbabwe. Explore his books for a glimpse into his unique perspective on creativity and life, view his stunning paintings that capture the soul of nature, and discover his in-depth teachings that will expand your knowledge understanding of what is to come.

more About Roland

During his time in ministry and missions in Africa, Roland wrote many books about his adventures and life in the wilds.

Whilst a theologian and minister in Zimbabwe he studied ‘End time theologies’ culminating in his most recent publication in 2022 – Countdown to Covenant.


Whilst Roland was involved in zoology exploration and the study of wildlife in Southern Africa his life was transformed and his focus and direction shifted to ministry and missions.


To prepare God’s children for what is to come.


Family, & service with a Pastors heart.


To inspire and enlighten readers and viewers through teaching.

What Do His Fans Say?

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John Doe

Creative Mind

I have been a fan of Roland books for years. Thank you, Roland!

Jane Smith


I had the privilege of working with Roland Pletts whilst in Zimbabwe and was blown away by his dedication to his flock.

Tom Williams

Happy Customer

I am a huge fan of Roland Pletts’ paintings. His work is truly exceptional and I can’t wait to add more to my collection.


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